Span-X Screens

Span-X Screens

Corner retractable insect screen

Our corner retractable insect screen can cover large openings. The mosquito net slides on a profile of only 12.5mm. Specially design corner with handle is completely recessed and hidden for a better design. A handle brake system that lets you stop the screen anywhere you want! The screen with Zip line technology, which gives it a high wind rating. The horizontal flexi Screens lets you relax and enjoy open concept living. It fits harmoniously in any architectural setting

Large retractable insect screen

Flexi Screen are designed for even the biggest of doors and windows and the most unique applications. Flexi screen can cover up 6.5mtr on single panel and 13mtr on double panels making it the largest retractable screen available. You will love using our screen doors for bi fold doors, telescoping walls, lift & slide door systems, French doors or any opening that needs to be screened.
Each screen is custom made to fit your application and has an Auto-Stop feature and zip line mesh for improved performance and easy day-to-day use. No longer do you need to look at pull bars running down the middle of your screen. One system covers the entire distance.

Auto Stop

Automatically stops when the handle is released.

Low Profile Track

The lower track blends seamlessly into every application

No Visible Fasteners

Fits harmoniously in any architectural setting

Large Openings

13 meter wide with a Double panel


Vinyl coated with Zip

Floating Track

Provides automatic compensation across the entire opening.

Patented Flush Handle

Improves aesthetics and provides more clearance.

Captured Edge

Locks screen in with Zip technology


Horizontal sliding with spring

Technical data

Flexi Screen can be installed on the wall or can be concealed inside the opening with special profiles for maximized view. Our specially designed bottom track of 12mm can be concealed inside the floor for barrier free movement. The box section consists of 100 mm box profile.

Min & Max Limit:

Panels Standard Minimum(WxH)mm Maximum(WxH)mm
Single Upto 6500mm 600x1600 6500x3200
Double From 6501mm 1200x1600 13000x3200

*Note: 4500mm height is achievable if, width of each panel is less than 3001mm


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