Twitchell Mesh

Twitchell Mesh

Over the past few years, Super Screen® has proven to be the most innovative technology available in screen protection for pool, patio or window systems. Superior performance characteristics as well as an industry leading 10 year limited warranty have served to make Super Screen® the choice for discerning homeowners. A screen that will not have to be replaced every few years. Until now, screen fabrics for outdoor enclosures have been limited in strength and durability, needing replacement in only a few years due to puncture, tearing or breakdown from exposure to the sun.

SUPER MESH SIZE 17 x 14SH SIZE 17 x 14
  • Twitchell Super Screen
  • Colour: Black
  • Super Screen Roll 100 ft.:
  • Width: Size: 3ft. 4ft. 10ft.
Features & Applications
  • Twitchell extrusion-coated SuperScreen outlasts other screens.SuperScreen's advanced polymer formula defies deterioration. In a simulated seven-year weathering test, SuperScreen lost only1% of its original strength. In fact, it remained 3 times stronger than new fiberglass screen and window screens.
  • The only screens so durable it has a TEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. That's seven years longer than the leading fiberglass screen. SuperScreen are the new generation of outdoor screen - guaranteed to last.
  • Better protection. Better value too.
  • Durability: The strength of our fabric provides increased resistance to punctures and tears caused by falling debris as well as better protection from pet damage, thereby extending the useful life of the product.
  • UV Protection/Stable: The UV properties of our material increase the longevity of the fabric while addressing health and safety concerns by providing excellent solar protection. Air and light is able to pass through while blocking some of the damaging rays from the sun.
  • Privacy: The construction of our fabric inhibits visibility from the outside while offering a clear view from the inside.
Technical Data
Product Description: A fabric using .025" diameter vinyl coated 1000 denier polyester core yarn in the warp and fill.
Attribute ASTM Warp Fill Typical
Construction, end/inch D3775-12 15.0+0.5
Weight, oz/yd2 D3776-09 9.9
Tensile Strength (grab), lbf D5034-09 465.0 351.0
Tensile Strength (strip), lbf D5035-11 154.2 144.8
Tear Strength, (Trapezodial), lbf D5733 115.3 62.9
Elongation, % D5035-11 30.8 25.7
Abrasion Resistance
(CS10/500 cycles/ with no added weight)
D3884-09 no exposure of core yarn
Flammability Rating CA TB 117-2013
Weatherability, 1200 hours G154 trace discoloration
Mildew Resistance G21-13 No Growth
Thickness, inches D1777-96 0.030

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